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Product Guarantee

7. PRODUCT WARRANTY In the event that a product purchased through ZK presents operating problems or damages after receipt, the customer may contact ZK and within the following 48 hours will provide the supplier's information so that the latter can provide adequate support for your warranty request.

All warranty requests must meet the following conditions:

• The product warranty must be current

• The product must have the invoice and warranty documents.

• Product damage must be due to a manufacturing defect, technical failure or irregularity.

• No warranty will apply if the product shows signs of misuse.

• The supplier has the right to replace, repair or refund money for the product.

• In the event that the good must be replaced with another of the same or with the same characteristics, the supplier will proceed to replace it within the following ten (25) business days, after receipt of the product by the supplier.

• The repair will be carried out within thirty (30) business days, counted from the day following delivery of the good to the supplier for repair.

The warranty is granted directly by the manufacturer or service provider. Our technical team will provide continuous support, without it being understood that ZK has responsibility for it.

As a general rule, the repair will be completely free, as will its transportation, if necessary, and the timely supply of spare parts. If the item cannot be repaired, it will be replaced or the money returned.

If the failure is repeated and taking into account the nature of the good and the characteristics of the defect, at the consumer's option, a new repair will be carried out, a total or partial refund of the price paid or a partial or total exchange of the good for another of the same species, similar characteristics or technical specifications, which in no case may be inferior to those of the product that gave rise to the guarantee.

In the event that a refund must be made, it will be done as follows:

Starting from the day following the acceptance of the guarantee by the supplier and its subsequent communication, ZK has up to 25 days to make the refund.

WARRANTY DISCLAIMER . The producer or ZK will be exonerated from the liability derived from the guarantee, when it proves that the defect comes from:

1. Force majeure or fortuitous event;

2. The act of a third party;

3. The improper use of the good by the consumer, and

4. That the consumer did not follow the installation, use or maintenance instructions indicated in the product manual and in the warranty.

8. REFUNDS The processing time for a refund varies depending on the payment method chosen and the type of refund request. For a cancellation, the refund time begins to count once the product has been received by ZK or the supplier. In the case of a withdrawal or guarantee, the time depends on the acceptance of your request by ZK or the supplier. After the refund is approved, the customer can choose between these methods:

Bonus: This bonus is valid for one year, is not cumulative and must be used in a single purchase. The refund duration is 5 business days.

Bank deposit: To receive the money in the bank account, the account holder must be the same as the one who made the purchase at ZK. The refund duration is 15 business days.

Reversal to credit card: Refunds made by this method cannot be partial, only the entire order will be accepted to be refunded.

The duration of the refund is a maximum of 25 business days. For all types of refunds, the holder's information must be correct, otherwise processing times will be prolonged.

The necessary data are: ID: Client Name: Bank Account Type of Account: Bank Entity: Product: Value:

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