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Home services

We are a company that provides technology products and services, we work for the well-being of our clients and collaborators, providing them with a service that generates quality and unique experiences, with the aim of strengthening those weaknesses that affect their discomfort, providing great solutions in their technological services. and products; If some of our clients wish to consult any of our services. We will be ready to solve those problems that make your environment difficult.

What does ZK provide?

We generate great solutions for our clients, giving them the opportunity to accompany them in each process of the service they obtain and creating experiences that connect with their needs, providing them with assertive communication that connects with their emotions . Providing a prompt solution to that problem that affects the lives of our clients who seek to achieve a common goal.

Why choose ZK?
Our main objective is to connect with the needs of clients and provide them with real solutions that benefit their quality of life, whether as a family or as a company, in order to keep in mind several options and give them the most appropriate solution to those needs.

So that?

The objective is to provide them with great solutions in technology and service, implementing appropriate tools that solve those technological and service problems that affect the emotional stability of clients, with good advice they will be able to select the best option that improves their well-being and make their companies become intangible.

What differentiates us from other technology companies?

We differentiate ourselves by our warmth and empathy in our services, we care about customer service and their well-being when obtaining a product or service. Focused on improving every day and without forgetting that we are a company focused on providing assertive communication to our clients at all times, giving them the opportunity to provide great solutions in technology and service, turning each emotion into unique, incredible experiences. In every purchase made or service you perform. We are prepared to work with you and create experiences that meet those needs.


At this time , ZK has different web tools that connect with the main solutions in technology and service, turning all those needs into real solutions.

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  1. ZK official website : On this platform you will find information about our products and services organically, registering your personal data and contacts, one of our advisors will communicate giving a prompt solution, generating an assertive response to that need.

  2. Instagram : Meta Instagram Logo You will find images that will invite you to follow our social networks and learn more about our projects, seeking to make you feel connected to those great solutions in technology and service, turning each experience into an incredible moment.
  3. Facebook: Meta Facebook Logo It gives the opportunity to know our schedules and location with the aim of creating a virtual company, giving them the choice of which is the best option. to give you information about solution or product processes.
  4. Twitter: Twitter Logo It is a tool that will facilitate communication with our advisors, obtaining a solution that provides unique experiences.
  5. Youtube: YouTube Logo It will allow you to learn about the beginnings of our company and the moments when we have learned the most to build the content that explains what we are providing in technological services.

What services does ZK offer?

  • Remote and in-person technical service.
  • Preventive hardware and software maintenance
  • Backups.
  • Advice and consultancy.

Remote and in-person technical service.

Transfer common or higher-level IT incidents to our Solutions Desk team, who will respond remotely or in person.

Preventive hardware maintenance

Protect your technology assets and increase their useful life by executing periodic physical maintenance, our on-site technical support staff will be in charge of carrying out an excellent task with honesty and commitment. Significantly reducing future incidents that will directly affect the organization.

Preventive software maintenance

To guarantee the continuity of daily and future processes in the organization, prevent cyber attacks, optimize and monitor the system, ZK SAS executes monthly optimization tasks, security updates in operating, application and security systems.


Don't lose vital information for your organization, ZK SAS runs and monitors your organization's backups, regardless of whether the storage is within the company or in the ZK SAS cloud.

Advice and consultancy

ZK SAS puts its team of engineers at your entire disposal for advice or consulting on special applications, projects, optimizations and other requirements that your organization may incur. We are sure that we can help you find the most appropriate solution for your organization.

Write to us and tell us what services you need