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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: Information technology services (IT, or better known as IT for its acronym in English: information technology) will be the set of activities that seek to respond to the needs presented by USERS in relation to to the conditions of computer assets (understood as computers, computer networks, servers or other telecommunications equipment) for the purpose of storing, retrieving, transmitting, processing and manipulating data. including computer hardware and software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecommunications equipment, e-commerce and computer services.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventive maintenance consists of the periodic review of certain aspects of both hardware and software on a computer. These influence reliable system performance, the integrity of stored data, and correct information exchange at the highest possible speed within the optimal system configuration.

PHYSICAL CLEANING: It consists of cleaning all kinds of dust, dirt, mold, rust, speck, found internally and on the outside of the equipment.

SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE (Optimization): Preventive software maintenance is the process by which the software that has been installed is improved and optimized. This maintenance is carried out to prevent possible problems that may arise as the software is used. computer, in which the following steps are carried out: a) freeing up disk space, b) running antivirus, c) installing corresponding patches, updates, etc.

LUBRICATION OF MECHANICAL PARTS: Cleaning of dirt, dust, rust, of those parts in constant friction, such as: print heads, fans and carrying out their corresponding lubrication.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Also called technical assistance, it is a range of services through which assistance is provided to users when they have a problem when using a product or service, whether it is the hardware or software of a computer, an Internet server, peripherals. , electronic items, machinery, or any other equipment or device


Technical support can be provided by different means, including email, chat, application software, telephone, in-person (onsite), and remote or remote, where a technician connects to the computer using a secure remote connection application.

11. To provide information technology services, it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations:

a) Attend the ZK SAS official at the established and/or agreed upon schedule.

b) Provide ZK SAS, in a timely manner, with access to the information that is necessary for the proper execution of the object of the contract.

c) Allow ZK SAS technical staff access to computer equipment and/or components.

d) Have an optimal place to perform the service.

e) Have the corresponding licensing for each application used on your devices and/or equipment.

f) Have security software (antivirus) to minimize incidents that affect information security.

g) Provide true information.

h) Have a BACKUP COPY of the information on the computer equipment, before any intervention by the ZK SAS technical staff.

i) Have a person to accompany ZK SAS officials during the provision of the service.

j) Inform in advance (minimum 24 hours) of the impossibility of attending scheduled visits to generate a new appointment.

k) Have broadband Internet of at least 15 MB for remote support.

l) Read and abide by the information recorded in the TECHNICAL REPORTS, for which you must sign the TICKETs generated, the above in order to provide the corresponding guarantee.

m) When technical support is required and the remote modality (virtual/or distance) is chosen, have a person who collaborates from the facilities and on the CONTRACTOR's equipment, following the instructions of ZK officials.

n) Clearly report the failures presented through the chosen medium, so that ZK SAS can determine the priority level of the event and the most effective means of response.

o) ZK SAS technicians will not be able to perform tasks other than those previously contracted and paid for through the platform.

12. When the ZK SAS technical staff demonstrates the need to change a part or spare part, they will notify the USER, for their corresponding authorization and subsequent scheduling of a new visit, for installation and/or configuration.

13. In the event that the services of ZK SAS are contracted, for the installation of parts purchased from another supplier, ZK SAS will not have responsibility for the warranty of the element to be installed, for which reason it will be recorded.

14. It is reiterated that ZK SAS will not be responsible for the loss of information found on the equipment that will be maintained. Unless the contracted services include safeguarding said information. Any service will be executed with prior authorization and/or consent of the USER.

15. GUARANTEE OF SERVICES, if within thirty days (30) after the provision of maintenance or support service, the equipment and/or device presents any anomaly, THE USER must indicate this through the attention mechanisms, after The evaluation of the problem will determine if the causes of the service provision correspond to the guarantee of the service provided, if so, a new service will be scheduled at no cost.

ZK SAS will only be responsible for the guarantee of the contracted and previously paid services.

The ZK SAS technician may inform the USER of a shorter warranty period due to the technical conditions of the equipment.

16. PRIVACY POLICY ZK., domiciled in Bogotá, Colombia, are responsible for the processing of personal data. According to our personal data processing policies, the mechanisms through which we use them are secure and confidential. We have suppliers that have the appropriate technological means to ensure that they are stored in such a way that unwanted access by third parties is prevented, and in that same order we ensure their confidentiality.

The complete details of this information can be found in our Privacy Policies section.

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