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900VA interactive UPS

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Brand TrippLite
UPS Type Torre
Nominal Power VA 900VA
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Warranty 12 meses
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900VA Interactive UPS

900VA / 480W / 120V Battery Backup for PCs, Home Theaters or Digital Signage This 120V UPS with AVR protection provides reliable battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, surges and line noise that can damage valuable electronic devices or destroy information. The 120V battery backup with six outlets is ideal protection for your home office, media center or retail components, including computers, routers, printers, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, ATMs, systems. security and digital signage equipment.


Input Phase: Single phase.

Specified input current (Maximum Load): 10A.

Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported: 120V AC.

UPS input connection type: 5-15P.

Input breakers: 10A.

UPS Power Cord Length (ft): 5.

UPS Power Cable Length (m): 1.5.

Recommended Electrical Service: 15A 120V.


Output Capacity (VA): 900.

Output Capacity (kVA): 0.9.

Output Capacity (Watts): 480.

Output Capacity (kW): 0.48.

Output Capacity Details: 7.5A @ 120V. (LINE MODE) 110% +/-10% @ 5 minutes; (BATTERY BACKUP MODE) 110% +/-10% @ 5 seconds.

Power Factor: 0.53.

Nominal Voltage Details: 120V sine in line mode and 120V PWM in battery backup mode.

Frequency Compatibility Details: The output is regulated to +/-0.05 Hz when the input frequency exceeds +/-5 Hz from nominal.

Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode): 120V (+9%, -12%).

Output voltage regulation (battery mode): 120V (+/- 10%).

UPS Output Receptacles (Surge Suppression Only): 4 outlets on UPS, 2 outlets for surge only.

Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported: 110V; 115V; 120V.

Outlets: (6) 5-15R.


Battery Type: Valve Regulated Lead Acid [VRLA].

Autonomy at Full Load (min): 0.5.

Autonomy at Half Load (min): 3.8.

System DC voltage (VDC): 12.

Battery Recharge Rate (Batteries Included): 8 hours (10% to 90%).

UPS Type: Tower.

Measurements (WxHxD): 10 x 30 x 15 cm.

Weight: 7kg

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