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Counterfeiting and Piracy: Cause and Negative Consequences

June 08, 2022
Counterfeiting and Piracy: Cause and Negative Consequences

One of the current problems in Colombia is counterfeiting and piracy, which negatively affects the flow of the market, in this case in the area of technology, a consumer prefers to buy an illegal product without guarantee or benefits and this could cause problems. when using it, causing them stress, worries and discouragement, since the product obtained was a failure.

But why do some companies sell these counterfeit products or make false advertising?

There are several factors that influence the consumption and production of pirated products, one of them is the low cost of development, since they are fast to consume and have the same characteristics of the original product, the distribution company knows the customers who are going to consume them. .

According to the article, The fearsome trademark piracy written by the editor Diana Mariño López, the Colombian Penal Code Law 599 of 2000, contemplates trademark falsification as a Crime Against Public Faith, in the following way. Herrera (2015)

On the other hand, article 285 Modified by art. 3. of Law 813 of 2003, anyone who falsifies a trademark, password, sign, signature or rubric officially used to contrast, identify or certify weight, measure, quality, quantity, value or content, or applies them to an object other than that to which that was intended, will incur a prison sentence of one (1) to five (5) years and a fine of one (1) to twenty (20) current legal monthly minimum wages.

Another factor that enters into the consumption of pirated products is the false expectations that customers have when believing that it is a product with the same quality. However, these companies play with the consumer's emotions by making them think that when buying a product at retail price, is solving that need.

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What would be the solution to these problems?

The solution to this problem is to inform the consumer that they can invest a little more in the original product, so that they also feel supported in making the best decision, showing them the advantages and quality that the original product has. The consumer must carefully observe whether the company's organizational philosophy is to provide a high-quality service that generates well-being, turning every moment of frustration into real solutions.

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