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Risk in Bogotá

July 15, 2022
 Risk in Bogotá

Currently, the cybersecurity problem affects the sectors: Microenterprise, large companies and homes.

In the newspaper ADN, the journalist Lorena Prada Sanabria in the headline describes “Bogotá is on the list of the cities most affected by Cybercrime, with more than 8,939 complaints registered in the first half of the year, according to the figures provided by the newspaper DNA and by the Police Cyber Center

One of the causes that currently affects and increases crime; It was the pandemic, initially, increasing the security risk of these companies, because their employees work anywhere with an internet connection.

Cyber criminals take advantage of the opportunity to violate security and thus obtain the company's personal data; inserting false information into networks and consequently causing all that stored information to be more accessible.

A general figure published in the ADN newspaper shows that during the first half of 2022, cybercrimes reported to the accusatory SPOA oral criminal system of the nation's attorney general's office; They have increased by 8% compared to the previous year's records. This increase corresponds to the variation of 2.2 80 more cases than last year with a total of 29 7.78.

The use of illegal software , installed with patches or computer cracks, opens back doors that cybercriminals know very well how to take advantage of.

Among the solutions proposed by the National Police for this type of case, is to review aspects such as what impact this Cyber theft has had?, advising citizens to change their passwords in short periods of time. It should be noted that the National Police makes the National Police website available to citizens to deal with cases of this nature; providing a timely response to each request; It also has support material such as recommendations and guides in photographic format. In this way, avoid falling on the radar of criminals and being victims of theft of sensitive information. This is how the “National Police Action Plan” describes it.

The number of companies that present this type of threats every day is impressive, since they do not invest in education for their collaborators on computer security issues and its proper use; Robles assured.

Currently, 80% of the value of damages caused by cyber insecurity is in the city of Bogotá, however, at the national level it is affected by the same cause. Some of the solutions provided by the National Police are: protect your personal data and have security in each application, that way your information will be safer.

At ZK you find security and protection, buying antivirus will protect all your information, and you will be able to prevent this type of crime.


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