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Generate a new ticket

August 07, 2022
Generate a new ticket

Before proceeding with the registration of a new service ticket, we must take the following into account:

Tickets are classified into two types:
  • Service request: Used when a new technical service, consulting, advice is required or to request a new product, license, configuration. Examples: Installation or transfer of a data point, configuration of an email account, new user in the system, internet access, VPN access, etc.
Note: The request for a new service should never be associated with an incident or problem.

  • Incident or problem: Used when a solution to a problem/incident or reporting it is required. Examples: No internet, The computer does not work, the mouse has problems, I am not receiving emails, etc...

We must be completely sure of the type of request we are going to generate. Once the above is resolved, we select the appropriate option.

Application options
Select the type of request

Requests or New Ticket are made using predefined forms or templates. Once the type of service has been selected, the platform shows us a list of categories, in which the templates of the different types of incidents or services are grouped.

By clicking on the selected category, the list of associated templates will be displayed.

List of categories

Another option to select the template is to search with a keyword in the search for templates field. In the example we use "Mail", a list of the templates associated with that word will immediately be displayed.

Find templates
Template search by keyword

In the event that when searching for the template, we do not find the appropriate one for our requirement, we must search and select the template with the name " General Request ".

General Application
Search general application template

Once our template has been selected, we proceed to fill out the fields. To understand it much better, it is listed and a brief explanation is made according to the corresponding number:

  1. Help card for the correct filling out of the template. Highly recommended to read it.
  2. Depending on the case, the urgency level for the ticket must be selected: Urgent, high, normal and low.
  3. In the event that it is required to send a copy to another contact or user of the ticket, or a contact number is required.
  4. Description of the request or incident/problem.
    1. Subject: Key word or phrase for the ticket. Example: Word does not work.
    2. Description: The event must be explained in as much detail as possible, with the aim of providing the greatest clarity for the technician.
    3. Very important complete that supports the exposed event. If possible, attach evidence for a better understanding.

Once we have completed our ticket correctly, we proceed to click on "Send Request ".

Ticket form
Ticket processing

The system will show us the ticket number, subject and date with which it was registered, the status of the ticket.

Ticket created
Ticket created successfully

When the request/ticket requires prior approval or during the process, a message " Pending approval" will be displayed, in the event of being authorized, it will display the message " Approved "

Pending approval
Ticket awaiting approval

Approved tickets
Approved ticket

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